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The new version (3.1) of our well known Change my Password for SharePoint Webpart comes along with some exciting features like visualizing the password-strength and the support of SharePoint 2013. In addition, we made some major usability changes that will improve the user experience. It is designed for SharePoint Foundation (2010/2013) and the SharePoint Server (2010/2013).

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New Features in Version 3.1

  • Improved and Easy Installation
  • Central configuration of the WebPart (within the SharePoint CA)
  • Improved Design
  • Improved error-handling for plugins
  • SharePoint 2010 and 2013 (Foundation and Server)
  • Password strength indicator
  • Plugin support to extend functionality by custom code1
  • Warning if an unsecured connection is used
  • Copyright hint can be removed1
  • Auditing of password changes (and attempts)
  • Logging into the SharePoint logs

1 valid license is required

To get a license, contact us at Product Team

For more information and downloads, click here.

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